Hanping Chinese Dictionary (Free & Pro) 2.6.7 released!

October 19th, 2011
  • Minor bug fixes
Available from the Android Market.

11 Responses to “Hanping Chinese Dictionary (Free & Pro) 2.6.7 released!”

  1. jeff says:

    I have a samsung infuse and at the marketplace when I try to purchase the pro version of your Hanping Chinese dictionary it states that “this app is compatible with your device (samsung infuse i997).”

    I have the free version installed on my device.

    Do you know what could possibly be the problem? I would like to purchase the app but currently I am unable.

    My main question is: is it a hardware problem on my end or a software incompatibility on both ends?

  2. embermitre says:

    Are you using a Chinese or Taiwanese sim card?


  3. Mikael Carlson says:

    Got the latest update but the application is now dead. Error message “The application Hanping Chinese Pro (process com.embermitre.hanping.app.pro) has stopped unexpectedly.” Same issue with the free version.
    I am using Samsung GS2 with chinese SIM. Tried also with Swedish SIM but still the same problem.
    I really rely on this APP for my daily communication. How to get it working again?


    • embermitre says:

      It could be that you are using a very old version of the dictionary data file. When did you first install Hanping? Please try renaming this file on your SD card:




      This will force the latest dictionary to be downloaded.

  4. John Liongh says:

    I’m using Sony Ericsson X10 mini. After the latest update, the Chinese handwriting input screen got cut off when activated in Hanping; only the bottom icons are left. The input still work, I can still handwrite and see the written strokes, and the position of the top buttoms still function as if the buttons are there but it assumes the first character it recognises and I lost the ability to choose the correct character. The previous version was working fine; I can see the full input screen.

    • embermitre says:

      That’s strange because nothing has changed regarding handwriting input since it first was introduced in Hanping Pro.

      I’ll send you an email to find out more about what you are experiencing.

  5. balthaus says:

    Hello, i have a China Mobile HTC Incredible S and i want to buy the pro version of hanping chinese but i can´t do it.I already register at the android market but everytime i have to choose the device where to instal the program am having problems.


  6. Elias says:

    Hi, I bought the pro version but I’m unable to download the audio files, I always get “timed out” after 15-25%. Is there anotehr way to download these, or is it easier to download these at a certain time of the day? It’s only around 7mb so I don’t understand why I get “timed out” when I had no problems buying and downloading the software from android market.

    • Elias says:

      OK I was downloaded it now, i had to disable the automatic screen sleep mode on my phone. (maybe it also makes the wireless signal weaker to save battery).

      • embermitre says:

        Thanks for letting me know – not sure why the audio download sometimes hangs, and thanks for posting the workaround.

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