Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 3.2.0/1/2 released!

September 30th, 2012
Note: 3.2.1 & 3.2.2 are very minor bugfix updates on 3.2.0. If you have not experienced any problems with 3.2.0 then there is no need to update.
3.2.2 fix:
  • Rare crash on search screen (bug introduced in 3.2.0)
3.2.1 fixes:
  • Better error message when handwriting engine cannot be initialised
  • Rare bug that sometimes made it impossible to buy either ABC dictionary
3.2.0 changes:
  • Action Bar UI goodness for both Search and Browse screens
    • Search screen:
      • Moved History/Starred/Lists tab bar to top of screen (which is more standard on Android)
      • If you have ABC English-Chinese Dictionary installed, you will also get a second level of tabs (below Starred tab) allowing you to switch between languages
      • Search box now remains visible when switching between those tabs. This reduces the chance that you have to press Back an excessive number of times to exit the app.  It also keeps the visible state of the app more consistent
      • Handwriting screen now accessible when there is already some text in the search box
    • Browse screen:
      • Moved “action” items (e.g. star, play audio, copy to clipboard) to bottom of screen
      • Moved out-of-place (Search and Links icons) next to other action items at bottom of screen
      • Moved up/down navigation controls to top of screen
      • Removed “Back” icon – just use hardware Back button instead
      • More improvements to this screen coming soon
  • Enabled hardware acceleration on all screens
  • Minor bug fixes

We will tidy up the icons in an upcoming update.

Available from the Google Play Store (Lite & Pro).

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