Hanping Cantonese/Chinese Dictionary Pro & Lite 4.2.4 released

October 8th, 2015

[pb-app-box pname=’com.embermitre.hanping.app.pro’ name=’Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]
[pb-app-box pname=’com.embermitre.hanping.app.lite’ name=’Hanping Chinese Dictionary (Free)’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]
[pb-app-box pname=’com.embermitre.hanping.cantodict.app.pro’ name=’Hanping Cantonese Dictionary’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

  • Better system Text-to-Speech support. If enabled in Settings, audio playback alternates between human TTS and system TTS
  • Long-press on Links icon to jump to first link
  • Minor bug fixes

Available from the Google Play Store.

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