Hanping Chinese/Cantonese Dictionary 4.5.1/2/3 released

January 4th, 2016

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  • (Paid apps only) Homescreen Widget improvements and bug fixes – can now reconfigure widget by clicking on the app icon (top-right corner of widget) and then you will see this:
    reconfigure-widgetNote: If you have configured the widget to not show the app icon, then you won’t be able to reconfigure it (i.e. you would have to create a new one instead).
  • Proper support for English letters in Chinese headwords (particularly an issue in Cantodict which has words like “唔啱key” (m4 ngaam1 ki1) and “kilo” (ki1 lou2)
  • Updated CC-CEDICT, Cantodict and Unihan 8.0 data
  • Added YouTube channel to About screen
  • Fixed tone-marked Yale bug for third tone (Cantonese app only)
  • Internal database system update (Cantonese app only)
  • Minor bug fixes

The app is available on Google PlayAmazon Appstore.

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