Not too many new features as such, but lots of improvements to the way the dictionary is installed & updated.

  • dictionary & audio now downloaded from internet
  • ability to cancel dictionary install mid-way through
  • notification bar shows dictionary install progress/completion
  • About screen checks for dictionary update availability
  • better layout of icons at top of Word Details screen - should be easier to hit clipboard icon etc
  • uses new dictionary (1.1.2 - you may need to update your existing dictionary) which includes better idioms list and updated CC-CEDICT
  • dictionary data at more discrete location: /sdcard/Android/data - new website (forum and blog)

By the way, the Hanping Dict CC-CCEDICT app in the Market is no longer needed (since the dictionary data is now downloaded from the Internet). Now is a good time to make sure you have uninstalled that app to free up space on your device. This data app will still be available (and updated) in the Market just so that users have a way to install the dictionary data should our servers be temporarily unavailable.