Changes are:

  • Voice recognition (Android 2.1+ only) - uses Google’s remote voice recognition engine which is supposed to support both English and Mandarin Chinese, but, in my tests, actually only supports English. Still its a nice feature to add!
  • Custom Search - touch the magnifying glass (top right of search screen) and you are presented with alternative ways to match dictionary entries. In the as-you-type mode, prefix-matching is always performed (e.g. type “boo” and it will match words like “boo hoo”, “book” etc.). But Custom Search allows you to do things like match at the end to get entries like “peek-a-boo”. The fourth custom search type will match the most entries, so should probably only be used when searching pretty obscure terms.
  • Another benefit of Custom Search is that now you can switch between English & Pinyin without having to clear/rewrite the search text.
  • No longer show the one-line summary (“5 matches found for ‘blah [e]’ “). This was pretty useless because you can see roughly how many results there are by looking at the size of the scrollbar and you know what the search text was because it will be the same text that is still in the search text box (thanks to as-you-type searching). More importantly, now there is more space to show search results.
  • Completely redesigned (thanks Shim!) the icon and also made it conform to Google’s new guidelines.
  • Fixed bug where entering a very very long search text, caused problems.
  • Fixed bug where entering search text starting with “common prefixes” like “to”, “on”, “the” etc., was resulting in slow searches
  • Fixed Sample Sentences for Traditional mode.