• Browse screen (showing a single dictionary entry) now also shows the definition for the same word in any other dictionaries installed. This is only applicable if you have the ABC Chinese-English dictionary installed (because otherwise you only have one dictionary)
  • Before, when clicking on Chinese character in a headword, Hanping would search for that character in the dictionary and show the corresponding entry. This would not always result in the desired result (because sometimes there are multiple entries for the same character) and so now, Hanping also takes the corresponding Pinyin into consideration
  • Minor bug fixes

Users running Cyanogen Mod: If you have purchased the ABC Chinese-English dictionary you may have noticed the formatting of the dictionary entry (on the Browse screen) does not include any indentation (i.e. each line is flush against the left hand edge of the screen). This is a known problem (Issue 3301)with Cyanogen Mod and hopefully they will fix it soon. As a knock on effect, you may notice that sometimes the highlighting of a link does not line up with the link itself. We suspect most users will not find this to be a big issue.

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showing multiple dictionaries