• Added ABC English-Chinese in-app purchase (~10USD). Press Menu button > Buy for more details
  • Improved Search screen header: now much cleaner
  • Minor bug fixes

A few weeks ago we launched the ABC Chinese-English Dictionary as an in-app purchase. Now, we are launching the other way with the superb ABC English-Chinese Dictionary. This is something we’ve wanted to add for ages because doing English lookups on a Chinese-English dictionary (CC-CEDICT) is never going to match on the less common English words. Having a dictionary with English headwords makes a huge difference to the user experience for those who frequently search using English.

Here are the highlights:

  • Over 62,000 English headwords
  • 6,400 example sentences translated into both Simplified & Traditional Chinese and Pinyin
  • Grammatical information such as Part of Speech

When you search using English, Hanping Pro performs a lookup on the ABC English-Chinese dictionary first. If no exact matches are found then the search falls back to the CC-CEDICT dictionary. The icon in the top-left of the screen indicates which dictionary was used to give the current search results.

Please note, this dictionary does not currently include a Chinese index, so searching by Chinese will still only give results from the CC-CEDICT dictionary (or ABC Chinese-English dictionary if you have that installed). We are looking to improve on this in the near future.

Currently, it is not possible to star English words. This will be coming shortly. In the meantime, use the History to refer back to English words you have previously looked up.

As with app purchases, you only need to purchase the ABC English-Chinese Dictionary once to then use on all of your devices. The purchase is linked to your Google account, so any Android device where you are signed into the Google account (and has Google Play Store, which is used to check the license), will have access to the paid dictionary.

Google Play Store issues are the same as with app purchases. If you are in China/Taiwan, you will probably need to do a sim swap to make the purchase. This is a pain but only needs to be done once. Please read this for more details.

Known issues:

  • If you are running CyanogenMod then you may experience a problem in the formatting of the ABC entry (where the indentation is collapsed). This makes longer entries slightly more difficult to read and also results in misaligned highlighting when clicking on links. We suspect most users won’t find this much of a problem and hopefully CM will fix this in the near future.

Available from the Google Play Store.