• Settings and search history now automatically backed up to device storage (SD card)
  • Jelly Bean bug fixes
  • Other bug fixes

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Available from the Google Play Store (Lite & Pro).

Information about the settings and search history backup file

Your settings and search history are automatically backed up to your device storage (usually SD card) whenever you press the back or home key to exit out of Hanping Pro. The backup file is stored here:


Periodically copy this file somewhere safe (not on your Android device) so that you can restore everything should your device become damaged or lost. Consider setting this up automatically using cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive.

However, it is probably not a good idea to use those solutions to sync the backups across multiple devices. What you probably want is a way to sync the real settings (stored in internal memory) but unfortunately we do not support this yet.

How to restore settings from a backup file:

  1. If Hanping Pro is running, then exit it
  2. Copy the backup file to the same location as specified above (this might be on the same device or a completely new one)
  3. If Hanping Pro is not installed, then install it, otherwise Clear Data
  4. Run Hanping Pro and verify that the search settings and history are restored

General notes about Starred words/lists database

Your Chinese Starred words/lists are stored here:


If you have the ABC English-Chinese Dictionary installed then you may also have starred English words:


These are “live” databases (i.e. not backups) and so can, in theory, be synced across devices. However, this is not supported (because starring a word while the database is being synced might cause problems) so use with caution.