• Better navigation - in older versions of Hanping, it could take many Back-presses to go back through all the dictionary entries to get to the Search screen. Long-pressing the Back button has always been the fast-track way to do this. However, hacking the Back button in this way goes against Android standards, so now we have replaced this with a simple click on the top-left app icon. So, if ever you want to go “up” from the Browse screen to the Search screen, simply press the top-left app icon.
  • Improved 中文/English dictionary switching - for those of you with the ABC English-to-Chinese Dictionary installed there is now a better way to switch between Chinese and English headwords (when searching English words only). Replacing the recently-introduced 中文/English sub tab, there is now a discrete button which overlays the search results in the top-right corner. This has two main advantages:
    • Takes up much less screen real estate - especially important in landscape mode
    • The button is available even if you have scrolled down through the results - so no need to scroll to the top of the search results just to do the switch

![](/images/blog/pre-2022/device-2012-11-14-163428-180x300.png “Searching Chinese dictionaries for English word “air””) ![](/images/blog/pre-2022/device-2012-11-14-163123-180x300.png “Searching English dictionaries for English word “air””)

  • Starred/tag lists are now merged across languages - also only applicable to those with the ABC English-to-Chinese Dictionary installed. Let’s suppose you have the tag “food” and you have tagged both Chinese words and English words with this tag. Now, when you click on the “food” tag list, you will see a button in the top-left corner allowing you to switch between viewing the English words tagged “food” and the Chinese words tagged “food”
  • Fixed handwriting bug where sometimes very complex characters were not being recognized properly
  • Minor bug fixes

Available from the Google Play Store (Lite & Pro).