• Fixed rare handwriting crash & made some handwriting UI tweaks - now, instead of pressing the “left” arrow icon in the bottom-left corner, you press the tick icon in the bottom-right corner, to take you to the search results
  • Generate vocab sheet from starred list - this allows you to share a starred list as text using Android’s powerful Share feature. To access this feature, go to the Starred tab on the main Search screen and long-press on one of the starred lists
  • Some new Hanzi colorings - introducing the brand new “hanping” coloring! This coloring uses the same beautiful colors as “dummit” but assigns them to the tones in a different way. We’ve also added “speccy” coloring inspired by the old ZX Spectrum. The “hanping” coloring is:
    • Tone 1 (high, flat tone) - blue - think of a flat blue lake, or a blue sky
    • Tone 2 (rising tone) - green - think of green grass growing!
    • Tone 3 (low, falling-rising tone) - orange - (we chose this one for aesthetic reasons)
    • Tone 4 (falling tone) - red - think of someone giving an angry command
  • UI tweaks for large screens - some icons are a little more spaced out and some text sizes are increased a little
  • Minor bug fixes

Available from the Google Play Store (Lite & Pro).