• New Radicals lookup (access it through overflow menu at the top-right of the screen). If you want to enter a character and you know the radical then this new feature will help you. Radicals are grouped by stroke-count and sorted by frequency within each group. Click on the radical to get a list of all the characters that use that radical. Again, this list is grouped by stroke-count (actually, number of strokes not including the radical itself) and sorted by frequency within each group. Try long-pressing on radicals or characters to jump straight to the Browse screen
    • Characters for radical 山]
  • Handwriting screen now shows history of characters instead of the old gPen logo. The most recent character is shown on the right hand side. You can long press on these characters to bring them up in the Browse screen
  • Added Google Image search and HanziCraft to the external links dialog
  • Minor bug fixes

Available from the Google Play Store (Lite & Pro).