• Improved sentence decomposition - better handling of punctuation etc
  • Added concept of simple vs. complex headword forms. Some words are termed “complex” maybe because a syllable has multiple pronunciations or multiple characters. Such words are shown on the Details screen with a + icon in the top right. Hit that to see the complex form of the headword
  • List items only appear once - so a list of 100 words actually appears as 100 items instead of something like 106! This was caused by a dictionary containing the same word multiple times
  • Details screen now shows even more related dictionary entries. Side note: we’ve been showing entries across all dictionaries on one page since 2011
  • Left/right paging on Details screen - explore neighbouring words in the dictionary
  • External Links: on first use, Hanping now informs you that these third party links use the internet connection and may include advertisements (which we do not benefit from)
  • External Links now includes a link to a website showing stroke animations - this is an external website and so includes advertising (which we do not benefit from)
  • Improved Tags dialog
  • Added support for DashClock Widget (Android 4.2+ only)
  • Added support for Samsung’s Multi-Window (only on applicable devices)
  • Speed improvements - particularly when searching pinyin
  • Several minor bug fixes

Hanping is especially designed to support multiple dictionaries. So please consider the ABC dictionary in-app purchases for a superior Hanping experience and to help support our work.

ABC and CC-CEDICT entries together

Here you can see left/right paging in the Details screen:

Left/right paging in Details screen

Available from the Google Play Store (Lite 3.2.2 & Pro 3.4.0).