This is a micro update on 3.5.0 released a few days ago.

  • Improved ABC abbreviation info - now includes long explanations for most of the abbreviations (see screenshot)
  • Added more menu options to Details screen - now you can access Settings, About etc from the Details screen
  • Added Skritter (add word) to Links - only relevant if you have a Skritter account
  • Fixed some Flash problems in Links - MOE and Skritter links use Flash so now, instead of taking you to the browser, you are taken to an internal browser view with Flash enabled (assuming you have it installed). Some browsers (e.g. Chrome) do not support Flash content even if you have Flash installed
  • Tidied up expand/collapse icons
  • Sample text in Settings now according to Night Mode setting
  • Some minor bug fixes (updated actionbar library, text in Details actionbar was not always fitting properly etc)

Details screen of CL abbreviation

Available from the Google Play Store (Lite 3.4.3 & Pro 3.5.1).