For a small minority of users, there was a bug in the earlier 3.8 releases that prevented starred words and search history (from pre3.8 versions) being retained in 3.8+ versions.

This has been fixed in this release.

However, if you have previously updated to 3.8.0/3.8.1/3.8.2 then you may need to do some small steps to get you starred words back.

First, try simply running the app (version 3.8.3). If all your starred words and search history are restored then you don’t need to read on.

  1. Clear Data on Hanping Pro app (to do this click on the first item in Hanping’s About screen and then click on the Clear Data button)
  2. In the directory /Android/data/com.embermitre.hanping please rename any “backups” folder to “backups.old” (You can use a File manager app such as Solid File Explorer to do this). You can also try skipping this step because it is only necessary in certain situations.
  3. Run Hanping Pro again. If prompted to restore user data then choose Yes

Please email us if you have any concerns: [email protected]

Available from the Google Play Store.