Please note: This update is going out as a staged rollout, so if you have not yet received it, then you should receive it some time in the next couple of days.

This update covers:

  • Better sorting of search results
  • Several secondary screens updated with new UI and better UX. UI now honours night mode setting
    • About screen - Social networks section (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), Legal notices section, removed “Touch to refresh purchase info” (now in Add-ons screen)
    • Settings screen - separated Chinese display settings into second screen. This allows first Settings screen to show a convenient summary of your Chinese settings in one sample text
    • Add-ons screen - this is a new screen showing which dictionaries and apps you currently have installed. Clicking the refresh button will check the Google Play server for your in-app purchases. It will also refresh the information on the screen in case you have just installed a dictionary or app etc
    • Backup / Restore screen - Pro version only
  • Storage - Completely reorganised the way Hanping stores data (dictionary data and user data) on your device. For your privacy, your user data (e.g. starred words, search history and settings) is stored in internal storage so that it cannot be read/stolen/sabotaged by other apps. By default, app data (such as dictionary data, character data etc) is now stored in internal storage. However, if your device is low on internal storage space (common on older devices) then it will be stored in ’external’ storage. There is now a new location for things like downloads, fonts and backups - /Android/data/com.embermitre.hanping /Android/data/ Another advantage of these changes is that Hanping will now work on old devices with empty SD card slot
  • Miscellaneous
    • Radicals - after clicking on a radical, the next screen now shows the characters in the custom font (if you are using one)
    • Audio files - these are now bundled within the app, so no need for the one-time download. Also they should play a little faster than before
    • Hanping Chinese! - We have a new website address as well as new Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages
    • Some bug fixes

Available from the Google Play Store.