This update brings a UI refresh of Material Design goodness and supports all devices running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and higher:

  • Improved audio - more compact and faster playback
  • Material design
  • Added Navigation Drawer - Settings, Add-ons, Backup/Restore etc screens are now available via top-left “hamburger” menu (on the Details screen, simply swipe from the left)
  • Better tabs - swipe left and right on the main Search screen to switch between History, Starred lists and predefined Lists
  • User-friendly naming for predefined lists (e.g. “Common Characters 1” instead of “chars1”)
  • Heads-up notifications (Android 5 Lollipop only)
  • Fixed handwriting bug on Android 5
  • Fixed history bug - using some IMEs would lead to lots of “random” words appearing in the history
  • Fixed copy/paste bug on search box - long-press on text inside search box now correctly brings up top contextual bar containing copy, paste etc buttons
  • Fixed coloring settings bug (introduced in 4.0)

tab_history] [details_abc_xi2guan4 details_yi1zhao1bei4she2yao3shi2nian2pa4jing3pa4jing3sheng2 handwriting_ai4 widgets_custom_font] [tab_lists] [notification_sentence2 details_che1dao4shan1qian2bi4you3lu4chuan2dao4qiao2tou2zi4ran2zhi2-zhuyin nav_drawer] [Hanping Chinese Dictionary 4

Available from the Google Play Store.