We’re delighted to announce our brand new app:

Hanping Chinese Popup (Android Lollipop)

The ultimate solution for quickly looking up Chinese words on your smartphone or tablet, no matter what app (or system screens) you are using.

(Video also available on Youku for those in mainland China)

The green/white “handle” hovers on top of all of your apps, and when you place it next to a Chinese word, you are presented with a popup showing not only the pronunciation and definition, but also buttons allowing you to: copy-to-clipboard, play audio, and star (add to favorites).

Furthermore, the app uses OCR technology, so even works with images (for example in Photos, or in websites) and can be used to read text in e-books where text selection/copy is not available.

The key advantage of Hanping Popup is that you don’t need to leave whichever app you are currently using, and you don’t need to take awkward screenshots either. This is especially helpful for instant messaging when you need to understand the Chinese as quick as possible.

Supports Simplified, Traditional, Pinyin and Zhuyin.

Also supports Cantonese but only if you have our Hanping Cantonese Dictionary app (a paid app) installed.

Currently, only horizontal text is supported. Vertical text support will be added in a future update.

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Available from the Google Play Store