We’ve teamed up with The Chairman’s Bao (TCB) (an online Chinese newspaper aimed at people learning Mandarin Chinese) to bring more example sentences to Hanping Pro! Although The Chairman’s Bao is aimed at people learning Simplified Mandarin, the example sentences in Hanping include both Simplified & Traditional characters. Naturally, both Pinyin and Zhuyin are also supported. Each sentence is shown with the English translation (Pro version only).

details_gong1zuo4 Click on the sentence to examine it in more detail:


Click on the TCB abbreviation (on the right) to launch the TCB app (or launch the Play Store app at the TCB page, if not already installed).

Long-click on the TCB abbreviation to open the TCB website. You will be taken straight to the corresponding article if you are logged in and are a TCB subscriber.

For more example sentences (ones curated specifically for language-learners) please consider purchasing one or both of our ABC add-ons.

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