We’ve made it easier to hear all the Chinese sounds by adding a Soundboard (accessible from the left Navigation drawer) to the Hanping dictionary apps. This is similar to our Hanping SoundBox app (which is going to be slowly phased out).

Single-Syllable Sounds

All our dictionary apps now include the ability to hear (in one place) the audio for every single-syllable sound. Tones that never occur or are extremely rare are greyed out.

This is great news for Hanping Cantonese Dictionary users in particular because none of our apps previously supported a Cantonese soundboard.


Hanping Pro additionally includes the ability (HSK Tone Pairs tab) to hear two-syllable sounds from HSK level 1 to 5. Note: if you have purchased the HSK (2 to 5) add-on, all tone-pairs are available, otherwise only the tone pairs in HSK 1 are available. This is not available for the Hanping Cantonese Dictionary app (or Hanping Lite app).

General Features

  • Long-tap on any sound to jump to the dictionary definition. Use the up/down arrows (top-right corner) to step through the various definitions with that same pronunciation.
  • In the Initial/Final screen, tap the toneless syllable on the left hand side to play all the tones for that syllable. A quick way to play the famous “ma1, ma2, ma3, ma4”!

Transferring Hanping SoundBox in-app purchase to Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro

If you have already purchased the add-on in Hanping SoundBox (which unlocks all the extra sounds) then please send us an email so that we can transfer your purchase to Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro. Please include either the email address for your Google account (used to make the purchase) or the Google Play Store order number.

Available from the Google Play Store.