• Added support for pinyin/jyutping abbreviation search. Now you can type “wsm” or “wshm” instead of “weishenme” for faster lookups! One good strategy is to just enter the first character of each syllable (e.g. “zgr” for “zhongguoren”) and, if there are too many matches, then finish the final syllable in full (e.g. “zgren” for “zhongguoren”)
  • Added some missing HSK2-5 multisyllable sounds (Hanping Pro only)
  • Fixed bug in vocab importer (mostly concerning traditional Chinese)
  • Fixed Ankidroid audio playback issue (when dictionary app not already running in background)
  • Fixed backup/restore issue
  • Updated CC-CEDICT dictionary data and Tutor Mandarin example sentences
  • Other bug fixes

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