Made some improvements to the tagging system.

  • Create Custom Tag from Predefined List (either long-tap on list name in Tags tab, or use down-arrow icon in list header)
  • No longer show HSK/YCT level below the headword. Instead, import your desired Predefined List(s) as Custom Tag(s) and then those will show up alongside your other Custom Tags
  • Fixed bug where starred/tagged lists were not showing example translation

Note for anyone using Custom Tag categories:

The labels showing your Custom Tags next to headwords, no longer include the category name. It used to look like “Samples::emotion”, but now is just “emotion”. If you need the category name to appear in the label, then please rename the Custom Tag to include that information (e.g. Samples::sample emotion so that the label is “sample emotion”).

As an example, you might have a category named “HSK 3.0” and so the Custom Tag names might be like HSK 3.0::hsk 1 , HSK 3.0::hsk 2 etc and so will show up as “hsk 1”, “hsk 2” etc labels next to a headword.

If you wish, you could reuse labels across categories. For example, you could also have HSK 3.0 Characters::hsk 1. Hanping will not show duplicate labels next to a headword, so if a headword is tagged with multiple Custom Tags with the same label, that label is shown only once.

TLDR: For a Custom Tag in a category, the name format is Category::label. The category appears in the Tags tab as “Category…” and the appears next to a headword as “label”

Available from the Google Play Store.

Please contact us with your feedback.