This update fixes a long-standing issue which you may or may not have noticed. When tapping on a word in search results, applying starring/taggings etc and then going back to the search results, the starrings/taggings were not updated. This is now fixed, so you no longer see old/stale starrings/taggings next to a word!

This also means that when starring/tagging words in Hanping Popup and Hanping Camera, the changes are immediately visible in Hanping Pro.

We’ve also fixed a couple of issues regarding AnkiDroid integration:

  • fixed template issue where Card Browser always showing Simplified characters - you’ll need to tap Reset Card Templates and Styles for this to take effect
  • AnkiDroid voice playback now uses Voice Playback Strategy to decide which voice to use

Hanping Popup and Hanping Camera also benefit from the above changes - i.e. starring/tagging immediately updates in Hanping Pro and Voice Playback uses Hanping Pro’s Voice-playback settings

Minor bugfixes:

  • Fixed issue with misaligned handwriting suggestions
  • Better handling of when pasting extremely large texts into note editor

Available from the Google Play Store.

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