Main changes:

  • Improved UI for Search Results, Word Details, Tagged Items (lists of Custom Tag words and words in Predefined Lists) and Import Vocab
  • When clicking on Chinese words in meanings, the Popup now includes not only the meaning of that word but also the custom taggings and starring
  • Category Tag Popup (showing list of child tags within category) now shows child tags as Chips (instead of a plain list) so using same design language as rest of app
  • Delete Custom Tag Category Popup redesigned to make it easier to delete child Tags. Now, a list of selectable child tag is shown in a single Popup
  • Fixed Voice Recognition (Cantonese app) which was using Mandarin (Taiwan) as default language instead of Cantonese (HK)!
  • Fixed rare crash when backing up User data
  • Fixed issue where keyboard was auto-hiding
  • Lots of changes under-the-hood which will help bring exciting changes in the future

Available from the Google Play Store.

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