Main changes:

  • Word popups now support starring/tagging/audio/animations etc
  • Improved font support
  • Added vertical Zhuyin support to radicals screen (Mandarin app only)
  • Fixed scroll position loss on screen rotation
  • Bug fixes

This update comes with a couple of behavioral changes when tapping on characters in a multi-character headword:

  • Tapping on a character shows a popup for that character, including stroke animation (where available) as well as buttons to star/tag/play audio etc. This replaces the old behavior which was to show all the sub-words starting from that character.
  • Long-tapping on a character shows a popup with all the sub-words starting from that character (this is the same as the old normal-tap behavior). For example, tapping on 女 in 他女朋友每天走路去上课 shows two words: 女朋友 and 女. This can be useful in example sentences, though you always get the sentence decomposition below anyway.

The old long-tap behavior of animating the character in-place has been removed because anyway it’s difficult to see the animation underneath your finger!

In general, this change brings a more consistent and predictable behavior to tapping on a headword character: i.e. tap to bring up animated character.

Check out these screenshots for more info:

Tap on any character in main headword to see stroke animation (where available) and to star/play audio etc. Long-tap any character to see all sub words starting with that character

Tap on any Chinese word in a definition to bring up popup of that word

Handwriting - long-tap suggestion for character popup

Radicals - long-tap on any radical to see more details about that radical. You can also long-tap on a character (for a single radical)

Soundboard - long-tap on tone-pair for popup of that word, or long-tap a single tone sound for list of all words with that sound

Available from the Google Play Store.

Please contact us with your feedback.