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Hanping Chinese Dictionary (Pro & Lite) 6.6 released

November 18, 2017

Added thousands of example sentences (provided by TutorMandarin) In total, over 5,000 example sentences, and over 5,000 words have at least one example sentence Bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro/Lite & Cantonese 6.3 released!

July 27, 2017

Add notes to any word - this allows you to add your own translations/meanings/comments to any word regardless of whether it is already in a dictionary or not More consistent sorting of tagged items (when you click on a tag in the Tags tab) Removed “tagged items” button from Tags tab (tap on CUSTOM label instead) Better syncing of tagging changes with AnkiDroid (Note: Hanping Lite does not support AnkiDroid export) - deselecting a tag will now deselect it from AnkiDroid (if auto-export is enabled) Improved first-time install experience - nice circular progress bar and better handling of restoring from backups Updated dictionary data (CC-CEDICT, CANTODICT) Several bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.

Hanping Chinese Popup 1.2 released

July 02, 2017

Popup shows tags (e.g. “hsk 1”, custom tags etc) Long-press star icon to assign custom tags Bug fix: properly detect characters against left edge Added button to popup to switch between Mandarin & Cantonese (if both Hanping dictionary apps installed) Cleaner notification (Android N) with buttons for Popup settings, hide/show handle, stop Available from the Google Play Store.