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Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 4.0.5 released

February 22, 2015

This is a bug fix update on 4.0.3. If you have Hanping Cantonese Dictionary installed: In Hanping Chinese Dictionary, click on the Hanping Cantonese Dictionary app icon (at the bottom of the navigation drawer), to launch that app showing the Cantonese equivalent of whichever word you were currently looking at Some audio fixes for issues on lesser-known devices Other bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Lite 4.0 released

February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate, this major update brings Chinese handwriting recognition and syllable-by-syllable audio (of a real native Chinese speaker) as well as a UI overhaul (Material Design).

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 4.0.3 released

February 18, 2015

This is a bug fix update on 4.0.2. Disable navigation drawer drag-from-left while handwriting view visible - to prevent accidental drawer-opening Re-enabled English TTS (only applicable if ABC English-Chinese Dictionary add-on installed) Much faster lookups for Hanping Chinese Camera Added Audio Playback Test dialog for older devices (because a couple of older devices are having problems with the new audio) Bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.