Downgrade messsage

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Downgrade messsage

Post by Mike921 »

Attempting to access the link below:

Downgraded to Lite (displayed in Hanping Pro's About screen when the Pro license cannot be found) Please read this.

Selecting 'this' ... &f=3&p=475 produces following message:

This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.

No other information is presented.

I have the downgrade issue due to:
1) Purchased and installed on phone with access to Google Play
2) Changed phones and installed to one without access to Google Play

Please advise next steps. I can email proof of purchase if necessary.

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Re: Downgrade messsage

Post by hanping »

Hi and thanks for your message.

That seems like a bug regarding the correct topic not being shown. It should link to:

License checks are performed using Google Play (which is true for most paid apps on the Google Play store) and so if Google Play is not present then the license check will fail.

Please send as an email to help resolve this issue: [email protected]

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