camera recognizes briefly then gone

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camera recognizes briefly then gone

Post by ttulinsky »

I can't get the camera to work very well.
It will recognize text for a moment , then its gone.
Once in a while it recognizes text and keeps the definitions on the screen permanently.
I feel lik e I'm missing how to use it--by the way, is there an instruction manual?
Some way to make it freeze the picture?
I admit my phone is low-end- a kyocera rise, virgin mobile android 4.0.

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Re: camera recognizes briefly then gone

Post by hanping »

In Live mode, when Hanping thinks it has got a correct recognition of the characters, it will take a snaphshot of the Live mode and automatically take you to the Image mode where you can comfortably pan/zoom the image to look at other characters.

If the camera is not of a particularly high quality then it may take longer to identify the characters (maybe requiring a steadier hand) or may be unable to identify the characters at all if the image quality is too poor.

How is the recognition performing in Image mode using the sample images?

Please feel free to post a sample image here - i.e. an autosnapshot image from your Live mode.

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