Can't install Camera or Pro

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Can't install Camera or Pro

Post by rennyoliver »


I have a Xiaomi purchased in China which recently crashed and now I cannot install HP Camera or Pro which I have previously purchased and had installed. I cannot download from Google Play because it says I already have them installed, and Xioami Market will let me install the basic but not Pro because it has no record of my purchase, and to contact Hanping. If I install the basic and attempt to buy the Pro or Camera version in the menu, although I am in the UK on holiday with a UK sim card, it says I cannot install it because Google Play Store does not support paid apps for some countries and to switch to a non-Chinese sim card - which I have done!

It seems a little daft that I can't install it in China when this is where you need it most, and even more so that I even can't install it in the UK when I'm over on holiday.

Please can you help?

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Re: Can't install Camera or Pro

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HI - I'm sorry about the problems you are experiencing. "Daft" yes, but, of course, not something we chose, but rather Google Play chooses.

If Google Play says that you already have them installed then either they are already installed, or Google Play is wrong and needs to be reset ("Clear Data" on Play Store app).

When you purchases the apps, did you use your Xiaomi device?

Please read this for more info:

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