Ankidroid Pre built templates and syncing and modifying

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Ankidroid Pre built templates and syncing and modifying

Post by Newbiechinese »

Do you have screenshots of the question and answer for each of the card types in your anki template?
I edited the template and want to see what the originals look like.

What are the restrictions for editing?

Eg changing and adding fields?
What can and can't I do, before hanping will force synced cards to a new note type?

How do i get it to automatically play a sound?

Is it possible to edit the list of links in the link button?

How do i add a link to search hanping app for related items?

Can I add a list of related links from hanping on my card?

I don't like learning with single characters?

How do I set the app to automatically upload a note for each card type?
Currently it just uploads one when I star an item...

How do i synch an item to an anki deck without starring and tagging?

The audio voice is very clear but useless for learning how to say words and sentences. It's too slow and has no natural flow. Is it possible to change it or modify it?

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Re: Ankidroid Pre built templates and syncing and modifying

Post by hanping »

Hi! You can reset the card templates using the "Reset card templates and styles" so you can use that to go back and see the old style.

For details about templates please refer to AnkiDroid docs and support: ... CardLayout

For the other questions, those are currently not possible, but thank you for your feedback and I will look into these for future updates.

Many thanks.

p.s. this forum isn't regularly monitored so please send us an email for much more effective communication: [email protected]

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