Sharing backups between different app versions

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Sharing backups between different app versions

Post by jasonkenney » 30 Sep 2018, 22:25

I have an issue that's just popped up after using the app for the last couple years. I typically use my phone to add vocabulary for my daughters' weekly Chinese quizzes. I tag the vocabulary, then back up to Dropbox. Then I use my daughters' tablets to import the backup from Dropbox so they can study. At some point my phone updated to the most recent version of the app while my daughters' tablets are on an older version, limited by the OS version (they are Kindle Fires running the equivalent of Android 5 I believe).

When I import the backup on the tablets, the tablets don't complain of any errors or incompatibilities. The user data on Backup/Restore will sometimes have the same number of words under Latest as my phone, and sometimes not. The list of Tags will not include the new tags. The History seems to match the phone.

Is there a way reliable way to backup/restore or export/import Tags from a new version to an old version? The old version is Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 6.7.4 (Google Play). The new version is Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 6.9.4.

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Re: Sharing backups between different app versions

Post by hanping » 05 Oct 2018, 14:35

Hi Jason and thank you for your feedback. This is a little complex and requires further investigation (and details), so please send me an email and I'll look into it.

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