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Multiple Output - Anki

Post by razg101 »


So far "Select Card Type" allows 1 type of output, when starring items.

Is there any way to output to 2 templates at the same time?

For example, I want to produce 2 decks:

1: Hanzi -> Pinyin + English
2: English -> Pinyin + Hanzi

Because I wish to study both of the decks.

Thank you

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Re: Multiple Output - Anki

Post by hanping »

Hi, and thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately this is not possible yet. Neither can you export multiple card types at once, nor can you export to multiple decks. Usually multiple decks are unnecessary because you can filter decks accordingly. I agree it would be useful to export multiple card types at once and will consider that in a future update. Meanwhile, you can occasionally perform a manual export for the non-default card type. Please feel free to email us with further questions. Kind regards, Mark

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