Do I need to pay again if I get a new (or wipe old) device?

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Do I need to pay again if I get a new (or wipe old) device?

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Important Note: this topic is regarding Google Play purchases. Amazon Appstore purchases use a separate licensing system.

Other Notes:
  • If your new device does not have Google Play (i.e. Play Store app) pre-installed then you will not be able to use Hanping paid apps
  • Please make sure you have backed up your starred items, history etc using the Backup/Restore feature (see Hanping menu)
  • If you are in China then please read this
  • For general information about retrieving previously purchased application please read this
In short, when you purchase a paid app, it is tied to your Google Account. Therefore, if your Android device is logged on to that account (through Google Play) it will be able to use the app.

You may uninstall the app (maybe to free up space) and reinstall later without having to pay again.

If you have multiple devices (and are signed into all those devices using the same Google account) then you only need to pay once for all those devices.

If you change your Google Account then you will need to purchase the app again. In which case, please email us to request a refund for the original purchase (quoting the original and new Google Play order numbers). Whether such a refund is granted depends on how much the price has changed and how long ago the original purchase was.

If you are having problems, please check that the Play Store app is using the correct Google Account. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Launch the Play Store app and then tap the profile icon in the top-right
  2. At the top of the next screen, make sure the correct Google account is selected (which should be the same account you used to make the purchase)
  3. Tap "Payments and subscription"
  4. Tap "Budget and history" where you should be able to locate your purchases
  5. If not, then you most likely have not purchased with that Google account.
Note: When you install the app on your new device, Google Play will attempt to restore your user data from your Google Play account and so your starred words, history etc should automatically be restored. However, it's a good idea to create a manual backup (via Hanping Pro's Backup/Restore screen) from your old device just in case (don't forget to keep the backup ZIP file somewhere safe - for example email it to yourself). You can later restore from this ZIP file if necessary.

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