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Hanping Cantonese Dictionary 5.1 & 5.1.1 released

November 20, 2016

CantoDict examples sentences Minor bug fixes Click on the CD abbreviation (on the right) to view the sentence in the CantoDict website (you may need to click on the sentence first, to bring it up in it’s own screen).

Hanping Chinese/Cantonese Dictionary Pro/Lite 4.6.3/4 released

May 24, 2016

Fixed pinyin umlaut tone-marking bug (Hanping Chinese only) Updated CC-CEDICT dictionary data (Hanping Chinese only) Added more external links (Hanping Chinese only) Android N split-screen compatibility Some minor bug fixes Note: 4.

Hanping Chinese/Cantonese Dictionary 4.5.1/2/3 released

January 04, 2016

(Paid apps only) Homescreen Widget improvements and bug fixes - can now reconfigure widget by clicking on the app icon (top-right corner of widget) and then you will see this: Note: If you have configured the widget to not show the app icon, then you won’t be able to reconfigure it (i.

Hanping Cantonese/Chinese Dictionary Pro & Lite 4.4 released

November 20, 2015

Better Google Translate support Requires Google Translate app to be installed New translate icon appears next to not-in-dictionary search results Click on translate icon to show Google Translate popup which gives translation Then click ‘Replace’ to show the translation in Hanping If you star the sentence, the translation will appear in your starred list You can also translate existing starred words/sentences (those which are not-in-dictionary) Tweaked search results formatting Minor bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.