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Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro/Lite 6.0.1 released

March 30, 2017

Much improved starring/tagging system No longer need to star a word to tag it Custom tags (corresponding to the word) shown on main Details screen beneath headword HSK level also shown beneath headword Easier way to assign/create custom tags Can merge two custom tags by renaming one to the same name as an existing tag Added “hsk characters” tags so that you can study (perhaps using homescreen widget) characters for any given HSK level History also captures Popup/Widget clicks etc Added some external links: ChinesePod sentences ctext (premodern Chinese text search) etymology Forvo (pronunciation) Glyph Wiki Chinese StackExchange Fixed some Homescreen Widget refresh issues Other bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.

Hanping Chinese/Cantonese Dictionary Pro/Lite 4.6.3/4 released

May 24, 2016

Fixed pinyin umlaut tone-marking bug (Hanping Chinese only) Updated CC-CEDICT dictionary data (Hanping Chinese only) Added more external links (Hanping Chinese only) Android N split-screen compatibility Some minor bug fixes Note: 4.