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Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro & Lite 4.2.1 released

September 25, 2015

Improved clipboard notifications Improved External Links section Redesigned navigation drawer Removed lots of notifications Fixed some dict formatting issues Added support for Android Marshmallow Minor bug fixes Available from the Google Play Store.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro & Lite 4.1.0 released

May 18, 2015

Updated launcher icon to Material Design Updated CC-CEDICT dictionary data Fixed problem regarding importing custom font (sometimes they were greyed out in system file chooser) Other bug fixes [][]

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 4.0.9 released

April 16, 2015

This is a bug fix update on 4.0.8. Fixed bug where ü (u umlaut) in pinyin was not being recognised properly (ABC English-Chinese owners only) Fixed English/Chinese results choice from resetting - this is button in the top-right of search results used to switch between showing English headwords and Chinese headwords.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 4.0.8 released

March 18, 2015

This is a bug fix update on 4.0.7. Updated CC-CEDICT data Updated HSK lists - each list now exactly matches the official lists: HSK 1 (150 words), HSK 2 (150 words), HSK 3 (300 words), HSK 4 (600 words), HSK 5 (1300 words), HSK 6 (2500 words).